Why DJS Financial?

In an atmosphere of confidentiality, we serve the needs of more than 250 families. We develop partnerships with clients to identify their goals, and we apply innovative approaches to help them pursue those goals.

At DJS Financial, you can expect a unique blend of professional and personable service. We meet with our clients regularly to discuss investment strategy and review investment objectives and financial goals. The guidance we offer reflects our 20 years of experience, as well as the depth of financial resources at our disposal. In addition to one-on-one contact, we provide our clients with reports containing:

  • Performance summary
  • Asset allocation statement
  • Tax reporting
  • Market summary

When necessary, we coordinate with your tax, legal, and insurance advisors to help ensure that your financial needs are being met.

Our investment approach reflects our clients' wide range of objectives, from wealth preservation and income generation to long-term growth. Just as no one investment style is ideal for every market cycle, no one model portfolio is right for every client.