More than 28 years ago, DJS Financial was founded on the premise that, by providing insightful financial advice and developing long-term personal relationships, both the client and the firm would be successful. Over the years, the firm has grown in both size and scope, but the core values that were in place with the first client continue today—create long-term partnerships that pursue a course of action that always puts the client first.

Today, the firm provides comprehensive financial planning and personally manages the assets of clients from all walks of life. We feel that we have passion and experience seldom matched in the financial services industry. 

Over the years, DJS Financial has received numerous accolades and awards from both clients and industry peers. From IRAs to the most difficult retirement, estate, trust, or corporate issues, DJS Financial has proven time and time again to be a capable partner. 

We invite you to find out how DJS Financial can partner with you in pursuit of financial success.